The Cat’s Council met for the first time on September 6. Cats Council is a student governance organization. The goal of the council is to provide students with an opportunity to develop leadership skills by planning and carrying out extracurricular events and community service projects.  The 2022-2023 Cat’s Council members are as follows;Freshmen: Meonna Tucker, Tucker Surratt, David “Brooks” Hines, Gambler Dollar Sophomores: Natalie Moore, Eli Logue, Addison Hill, and Gamble Tabb Juniors: Ava Prouse, Addison Cook, Emma Thompson, and Keenan PhillipsSeniors: Isabelle Campbell, Taryn Powell, Skylar Jones, and Brennyn TimmonsAs Tuesday’s meeting got started, a new social studies instructor named Mrs. Jessica Bryant requested the participants to sign in and provide information regarding their officer responsibilities. The Cats Council also talked about how to get students to take part in more school spirit events and homecoming week. Mrs. Bryant remarked, “I’ve never heard some of the best suggestions for character days during homecoming week.” Additionally, the Cats Council decided that all meetings would be held on Tuesdays at 2:50 p.m. in Mrs. Jessica Bryant’s Room 2105 on the social studies hallway.