Buckle Down With Mrs. Nancy Griffin

CTAE Nutrition and Food Science Teacher

Nancy Griffin

Nancy Griffin

Nancy Griffin Food Nutrition and Health Teacher

Jimmy Williams, Senior Reporter

Mrs. Nancy Griffin, who was born and raised in Baxley, GA, is the mother of two twin daughters, Kaite and Anna. Appling County High School is her alma mater. She then attended Georgia Southern University and the University of Georgia for college. She is in her twentieth year of teaching and has previously taught high school and middle school Family and Consumer Sciences. She came to work at Bainbridge High School because her husband’s job transferred them here to Bainbridge, GA. Mrs. Griffin plans to stay at BHS as a CTAE Food Nutrition and Health teacher, a position she enjoys.


Her teaching strengths include comprehension and compassion. She has a good rapport with her students, and she works hard to stay organized. Her main flaw is that she worries about things over which she has no control. “She strives to adore all of her students,” she says, “but managing her classroom is made easier by establishing clear expectations and guidelines for students, as well as establishing a positive and respectful relationship with them.”