New Beginnings


Gabby Howard showing her school spirit.

Brianna Henry, Senior Reporter

Gabby Howard, a new Spanish teacher at Bainbridge High School, was born in Bainbridge, Georgia, and attended Valdosta State University. Howard’s motivation to teach is the great teachers that she had at Bainbridge High School when she was a student. She says that the teachers here made it comfortable for her to learn, so she wants to carry on the tradition with her new students. Howard explained that she chose Spanish because in school she had lots of Spanish-speaking friends, and when she would attend their events their families would try to speak Spanish with her. Howard’s hope for this school year is that all of her students pass her class with great grades saying, “I want them to actually learn and go to the next class and be on top of it.” She says she enjoys teaching at BHS so far, and her long-term goal is to be here for a while.