SkillsUSA Time to Arise


Aiddan Blassey plays a video game he created.

Skylar Jones, Senior Reporter

Ever since COVID was introduced in 2019, SkillsUSA has been very inactive, but this year they have plenty of events on their calendar. There are even enough events to cover the years they missed. Mr. Lewis, one of the SkillsUSA advisors said, ”This is the year, it is time to start back competing in our competitions.” Lewis also stated that there are going to be 3d printing certifications, graphic designing, software program experiences, and more robotic creations. In the first three days of school, a student in one of Mr. Lewis’ technology classes named Aiddan Blassey quickly created a very detailed video game showing his high interest in software development. “We need these types of motivation and determination in SkillsUSA,” stated Mr. Lewis.