A Fresh Start


Sanaa Hines

Senior class at their class meeting.

During the second week of school, Principal Christopher Merritt, the administrators, and counselors hosted class meetings for each grade. Each grade met in the BHS cafeteria and talked about different topics that were relevant to their grade level.

freshman class meeting 2022
Freshman class meeting. (Jimmy Williams)

On Monday, August 15, the Sophomore Class of 2025 met in the Bainbridge High School cafeteria to discuss a few of our rules and policies. Mr. Merritt discussed the handbook and emphasized its rules, as well as the importance of teamwork. This discussion was passed on to the advisor of the class of 2025, Mrs. Jennifer Ray, and the administrator for the Sophomore class, Mrs. Christine Pugh.

These same discussions took place during the Junior Class meeting on the same day. Principal Merritt, Dr. Marilyn Melton, and Mrs. Darlene Landy all took turns speaking to the juniors.

On Tuesday, August 16, the entire Freshman Class of 2026 gathered in the cafeteria. Principal Merritt began the class discussion with his “Excellence in All Things” speech, which states that you should strive for excellence in everything you do. Following Mr. Merritt’s opening discussion, the microphone was passed to Mr. David Kirkland, the grade level administrator for the Class of 2026, who went over the dress code, attendance, classwork, and homework late policies. Mrs. April Tabb, the grade level counselor for the Class of 2026, then went on to discuss the schedule and how to contact her for anything and everything.

Sophomore class meeting. (Joy Taylor)

Finally, on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, the Class of 2023 filed into the cafeteria for their very last class meeting. Principal Merritt started strong, delivering the usual: Make your last year your best year. He addressed the crowd, “You are laying the foundation of what YOU want.” Mr. Miller took over, giving a brief rundown of various disciplinary guidelines like dress code, the tardy policy, cell phones, and earbuds. Welcomed with cheering and clapping from the crowd, Mrs. Lowe discussed SAT and ACT dates. Eventually, the meeting came to the end with wise words from Principal Merritt, “Set an example for these freshmen. Leave an impact on this school.” Students made sure to grab SAT and ACT dates, along with a brochure of various other dates and information since the seniors need to be updated.