Student Art Show



The student art show flyer

Brianna Henry, Senior Reporter

On Saturday, May 6, the student art show was held at the Firehouse Arts Center. Students from Bainbridge High School and Bainbridge Middle school got the chance to show off their skills and put their work on display. The students got the opportunity to sell their art work and get paid for their talents. The Art Show Reception & Awards Ceremony had a lot of great contenders.

In the drawing category Alex Hatcher’s drawing titled“ Farm Bureau” won 1st place, Ansley Cooks’s drawing titled “Songbird” earned the spot of 2nd place, and Hailey Moye’s drawing “Humpback Whale” won 3rd. In the painting category, Lizzie White won 1st with her painting titled “Honeymoon,” Alex Hatcher won 2nd place with her painting titled “Handsome in Pink,” and 3rd with “Strawberry Hat with a Strawberry.” In the ceramics category, Kayra Mills’ sculpture titled “Dragon Eldr Iss” won 1st place, Paxton Pope’s sculpture titled “Neptune’s Chalice” won 2nd, and Alex Hatcher’s sculpture “Noseybutt” won 3rd.

In the Mixed Media category, Ansley Cook won 1st with her work titled “Tell Tale Heart” also winning 2nd with “Face and Flowers,” and 3rd with her work “Cat Scratch Fever.” In the Watercolor/Gouache category, Alex Hatcher won 1st with her painting titled “Colorful Mornings,” Paxton Pope won 2nd with his painting titled “Delicate Arch,” and Ansley Cook won 3rd with her painting titled “Cat Scratch Fever.” In the Fibers Category, Jaeda Perez won 1st with her work titled “Whale,” Sara Lougue won 2nd with her work titled “Rose,” and Abigail Swain won 3rd with her work titled “Blanket.“ Alex Hatcher, Ansley Cook, and Kayra Mills were picked as best in show, be sure to congratulate these students.