Wedding Bells ft. The Siebels


(Mr. and Mrs. Siebels Wedding picture) (Photo submitted by: Mrs. Mel Siebels)

Keyereaon Kendrick, Junior Reporter

On April 15, 2023, BHS very own Mel Petralia married her soulmate and best friend Patrick Siebels.  Mrs. Siebels grew up in Eureka, Missouri. Mel graduated from Eureka High School and later graduated from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri in 2015. Mel and Patrick both meet at a local restaurant in St. Louis Missouri when her husband Patrick’s friend retired from the Navy and one of her best friends also attended the wedding. Mel stated that on their first date Pat wore khakis and a nice collared shirt and most of his clothing has duck and blood on it but he dressed to impress her. Their first date was at Giovanni’s. Giovanni’s is a famous restaurant located on “The Hill” in St. Louis. The Hill is famous for its authentic Italian food.  She stated that “It was the best first date ever!

She also stated that “I knew Pat was “the one” when we went out to his family’s farm and spent the day together. We rode around side by side and had the best conversations. It was nice because it was not awkward like a dinner date could be. We were able to talk about our families and what our life goals were. This is where Patrick officially asked me to be his girlfriend. She also stated “Our first kiss was on my front porch after our 3rd date. Patrick walked me to my porch and gave me a kiss before he left. It was romantic, yet respectful. I remember walking in my apartment after he left and texting my best friend right away that he was the one!