The March Stars Students & Staff


Ms. Amy Thomas

Ms. Beth Dollar, Mr. Merritt, & Dr. James Robinson

Jimmy Williams, Senior Reporter

The faculty, staff, and students at Bainbridge High School like to recognize amazing students and staff for being the most helpful and considerate over the month.

Congratulations to Dr. James Robinson on being chosen by his coworkers as the March teacher of the month. Dr. Robinson is a teacher on the History hallway. This month’s Busy Bearcat is Mrs. Beth Dollar. Mrs. Dollar, who is a SPED teacher here at BHS. Both professionals are most deserving.

The staff of BHS have chosen four students, one from each grade level, to receive the honor of Student of the Month. Rylan Bland from the 12th grade, Mya Backey from the 11th grade, Gurpreet Kaur from the 10th grade, and Julie Bocanegra from the 9th grade were chosen. 

Keep up the fantastic job and always lend a helping hand around the school since someone is constantly keeping an eye on you. Bearcats remember to Love Purple, Live Gold!