Book Tasting With The Media Center


Mrs. Trista Jones

Mrs. Montague telling Students about Books

On Monday, February 27, and Wednesday, March 3, Mrs. Trista Jones’ English classes participated in a “Book Tasting” in the BHS Media Center with Mrs. Montague and Mrs. Hutto. Students completed a Google Form Survey about their favorite genre of book (mystery, scary, historical, romance, etc.) before visiting the Media Center to find an AR book interesting enough to read and test on for extra credit. Each table was labeled with a different genre. Students were seated and given three minutes to read and decide whether or not they would enjoy the novel while keeping in mind that they should not “judge a book by its cover.” If the student enjoyed the book from the genre table after the first three minutes, they were allowed to keep reading the book or could choose to pass the book to the next person. The students loved it and checked out several books to read and enjoy! In fact, a few of Ms. Jones’ students checked out two or three books!! The concept followed J.K. Rowling’s famous quote: “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”