Student Poll

Congratulations to the Senior Poll Winners for 2022–2023 school year!

Most likely to be late to graduation – Reese Godby and Davayon Stroud. 

Most likely to become a billionaire – Lily Byrd and Skylar Jones. 

Most likely to forget their cap and gown – Mackenzie Hand and KJ Cochran.

Biggest Flirt – Vada Hopkins and Malcolm Spann.

Teacher’s Pet – Teri McCord and Dax Willis. 

Most likely to host a talk show – Macy Goodman and Joseph Marshall. 

Most contagious laugh – Shayla Allen and Antonio Simpson. 

Most likely to fight aliens and win – Alex Hatcher and William Goodson. 

Most likely to sleep through a hurricane – Ashariah Keaton and Brock Lewis. 

Most likely to get a parking ticket – Racheal Hayes and Chris Cooper.