Pumped Up for Bearcat Basketball


Golden Graffiti

Teachers play Tug-of-War against the students.

Isabelle Campbell, Senior Reporter

On February 10, BHS hosted a pep rally for the Bearcat Basketball team. Many different extracurricular teams were identified at the beginning of the pep rally. The teams recognized were: the Literary Team, BassCats, Girls Swim Cats, Boys Swim Cats, Bearcats and Lady Cats Tennis teams, Bearcats and Lady Cats Soccer teams, Bearcats Baseball team, and Bearcats and Lady Cats Track and Field teams. Next, they switched to playing games. The pep rally consisted of many games that were played by both teachers and students. The first game was tug-of-war, which the student team won. The Basketball Cheer team then performed a dance before the next game, which was an obstacle course. The student team also won this game. The final game was “Kick Em’ Out the Classroom”, where teachers and students had a rap battle. The pep rally was concluded with another cheer from the Basketball Cheer team.