Congratulating Coach Cochran


Golden Graffiti

Coach Cochran posing for a picture.

Lily Byrd, Senior Reporter

We would like to congratulate Coach Cochran for his 200th win. In his interview he was asked “How do you think knowing you’ve reached your 200th win will affect the rest of your season?” he replied, “It will have NO effect on us for the rest of the season. The win vs Westover last Friday was huge for our boys because it gave us the regular season sweep over one of our toughest region opponents. With that win being number 200 in my coaching career just was icing on the cake.” It is obvious he has high hopes for the future for the Bearcat Boys Basketball team. He also stated the transition from coaching girls basketball to boys was smooth and that it’s enjoyable and good “to say the least.” He doesn’t plan on celebrating his victory, but he is grateful. Coach Cochran doesn’t plan on changing the way he coaches and thinks it should be business as usual, trying to achieve the goals they’ve set. His accomplishment will have no effect on the rest of their season, but we all wish them the very best in achieving their goals and winning the regional championship.