CTAE for Me

Lily Byrd, Senior Reporter

Wednesday, January 18, Ms. Hubbard, Ms. Nancy, and Ms.Colon went to Berrien Co. High School to visit the CTAE programs. They met with Ms.Brenna Taylor, the CTAE director, Ms. Melissa Williams, the Food and Nutrition teacher, and Ms. Leigh Johnson, the Interior Design teacher to find out more about Industry Certification. Ms. Colon stated the programs were “outstanding” and they “enjoyed visiting.” She also said they were “very knowledgeable” and will be a “positive resource” as they continue with their certification. 

They continued to the other CTAE classes and were most impressed with the Graphic Arts and Design Class. The school’s Ag classes are building a barn for the livestock that they show. Ms. Colon complemented the CTAE Director by saying the “department that seems to run like a well oiled machine.” They were fed by the Nutrition and Wellness class and said it was delicious!