FBLA Wins Big at Regions



FBLA members pose for a picture. (Members from lef tto right – Row 1: Hailey Brown, Daisha Jones, Mariovan Dominquez, Brock Howell, Isabelle Campbell, Christina Taylor. Row 2: Olivia McNair, Brianna Edwards, Turner Harrison, Riley Palmer, Emily Franke, Cheyenne Speh.

Emily Franke, Senior Reporter

On January 20, FBLA members traveled to Southern Regional Technical College in Moultrie to attend the Region Competition. Members participated in a workshop, creating a skit of ethical or unethical behavior in a business setting. They were assigned a random object and had to use it in the skit to show the behavior. FBLA member Brock Howell explained that “for the skit, our group divided into different roles then crafted a cohesive story about an unethical use of nametags.” Other groups had different objects, like a pencil or gum.

After lunch, there was an award ceremony to recognize the winners of each testing category and the members who would be moving onto the State Competition. Emily Franke placed first in Business Communications. Olivia Griner placed first in Introduction to Business Communications. Brock Howell placed first in Personal Finance. When asked if he expected to win in his category, Brock says that “I honestly did not expect to win and was honestly surprised to place at all, considering how large FBLA was for our region.” He is excited to be given the opportunity to compete at State. Additionally, Isabelle Campbell, Brianna Edwards, Emily Franke, Olivia Griner, Brock Howell, Daisha Jones, and Joy Taylor all qualified to compete at State Competition. State will be held in March in Atlanta, where the winners will be announced and recognized.