A Flying Success


Charleigh Bramlett

Charleigh Bramlett in the cockpit of a Cessna aircraft.

Anslee McManus, Senior Reporter

Last week, Junior Charleigh Bramlett was selected for the Aim High Flight Academy scholarship. Being one of the 134 students chosen across the nation for this scholarship, she shows promise in the air. During the summer she will attend Aim High and receive 15 hours of flight training over the course of 3 weeks. If she passes, she will be obtaining her Class 2 Flight License that will last for 5 years. She says that while she is there, she will be living the life of a ROTC college cadet. 

Bramlett has an inspiring idea of her future. She says that after Aim High she plans to attend the Air Force Academy and become an airplane mechanic/engineer. She also plans to go into the Air Force and eventually the Space Force. She even has an idea of what her retirement will entail. “When I finally retire, I want to fly commercially so that I can travel the world with my loved ones.”

Congratulations to Charleigh on her selection, and we wish the best of luck to her on her journey as a young pilot.