Golden Graffiti Visits The Post-Searchlight


Golden Graffiti

Golden Graffiti Staff (pictured from left to right: Jimmy Williams, Skylar Jones, Joy Taylor, Anslee McManus, Brianna Henry, Katie Ross, Ms. Debbie Durham, Keyereaon Kendrick, & Isabelle Campbell/ not pictured: Lily Byrd & Emily Franke)

Jimmy Williams, Senior Reporter

On Friday, January 13, 2023, the Bainridge High School Journalism class visited The Post-Searchlight for a tour. As they arrived the staff at The Post-Searchlight had them sit in the main conference room where they hold their interviews. Firstly on the tour, they went in the editing room where the staff of The Post-Searchlight assign and discuss their articles for the week. After touring the editing room, they proceeded to the printing room, where the papers are printed in a unique manner in which they first scan the pictures included in the article on a metal sheet. They demonstrated how they mix ink color to go along with the articles they are working on. They then showed the packing room, where the correct ads and promotions for that town’s newspaper are added. Then the Journalism students went to the loading and storage room, where they keep the newspapers until the truck arrives to pick them up, as well as where they keep the large ink tubs. They store extra paper rolls in the back of the warehouse of the building, some of which weigh up to 2000 pounds.

At the conclusion of the tour, they displayed some old newspaper books from the 1800s in which locals used to write articles about how someone traveled to Bainbridge from Donalsonville, Georgia. While these articles may not seem noteworthy today, back then, if someone was traveling that far, it was a big deal. After all, that distance back then was equivalent to traveling to Texas today. It is absurd to think that this was a big deal at the time. The BHS staff was then taken on a tour of the break room where they hold meetings and group lunches before returning to the BHS to put some of the useful information they had discussed into practice.