Student Government Day

Kaileigh Evans, Senior Reporter

On November 30 and December 1, 21 Bainbridge High School juniors participated in Student Government Day. Any 11th grade student with a cumulative 90 GPA was invited to sign up to job shadow a position in the city government. The students who were chosen received congratulatory letters on being picked for their government postings. 


On November 30, students toured several city government departments. At the Public Works Department, students viewed blueprints of parks and schedules of maintenance, as well as the shop where the city vehicles go for maintenance. They also discussed how planning a city starts. Students also toured the water treatment plant.


While visiting the Public Safety Department, members of the fire department showed students how to use the tools and instruments in the trucks. Students were then escorted to a training room where investigators showed them an active shooter video and taught them how to be safe in school. Students were allowed to put on the vest, helmet, and ballistic shield that police officers use.


On December 1, students gathered at the Public Safety Training academy where they were paired with a government official. Students spent the morning job shadowing their official. Finally, all students participated in a mock trial at City Hall.

Mr Rusty, the water safety director, is explaining how the water treatment plant treats dirty water, such that it can then be returned to the Flint River. He recounts the different types of chemical tests that must be performed in order to do this. (Lindsey Jarrett)