A Concluding Season For The Bearcats


Bearcats Tackle Down Cedartown Offense.

Skylar Jones, Senior Reporter

The Bearcats’ season came to an end on Friday, November 25, when they were defeated by the Cedartown Bulldogs. Even though they had a fantastic start to the game, the Bearcats fought valiantly but it did not go their way. Both the Bearcats and the Bulldogs scored a touchdown in the first quarter, resulting in a 7-7 tie. The Bearcats played excellently in the second quarter, scoring 14 points, including one on an interception returned for a touchdown. Cedartown responded with a touchdown of its own, but it was not enough to overtake the Bearcats, who led 21-13 at the half.The Cedartown Bulldogs controlled the ball after the break, which helped them score 13 points in the third quarter to make the final score 26-21. Both teams played defensively in the fourth quarter as neither the Bearcats nor the Bulldogs scored, leaving Cedartown ahead 26-21. Good luck to our seniors as they embark on their next adventure and until next year, go Bearcats!