Bearcats & Lady Cats Basketball


Bearcats getting ready for tip off.

Skylar Jones, Senior Reporter

On Thursday, November 17, the Bainbridge Lady Cats and Bearcats opened their seasons by facing the Thomasville Lady Bulldogs and Bulldogs in Thomasville. The Lady Cats were down in the first quarter 8-18. Then in the second quarter the Lady Cats scored 21 points while the Lady Bulldogs only scored 14 points leaving the score 29-32. After the short half the Lady Cats took the lead by scoring 14 more points ending the third quarter with a score of 43-39. In the fourth quarter the ladycats fought hard but it did not go their way leaving the final score Lady Bulldogs 60 and Lady Cats 56. After the varsity girls game, the varsity boys came out and played well making a huge rebuttal for the Lady Cats. Although the Bulldogs led 17-18 at the end of the first quarter, the Bearcats pulled ahead during the second quarter with a score of 35-30. After halftime there was an 18 point increase for both teams making the score 53-48 with the Bearcats still ahead. Then in the fourth quarter the Bearcats scored 10 more points and Thomasville scored 11 giving the Bearcats the 63-59 win. Congratulations to leading scorer K. J. Cochran for leading the Bearcats on to victory with 20 points.