Bearcat Bone Project

Joy Taylor, Senior Reporter


Mrs. Shockley’s senior classes at Bainbridge High School are on a new enterprise learning about bones. They are learning bones visually by collecting bones from owl pellets to make their rodent vertebrae which consist of parts such as the femur, radius, and humerus. In phase one of this project, the objective was to dig through the owl pellets and uncover the bones that were buried inside. They are now in phase 2 of the project which is identifying specific bones that will be used in remodeling a rodent skeleton. By the time this awesome project is done the students will have assembled full rodent skeletons and learned all 206 human bones. Emily Franke, a student in one of Mrs. Shockley’s senior classes says, “I think it’s a good way to compare how human bones look and how they connect to form human skeletons.”