New Thespians


Leigh Powell

New Thespian Troupe 4897 members hold up their certificates.

Isabelle Campbell, Senior Reporter

On October 5, the Thespian Troupe 4897 inducted new members. The Thespian Troupe 4897 is an advanced drama club that participates in One-Act competitions and helps guide underclassmen in theater productions. The members elected into the Troupe are as follows: Jaqavious Wallace, Saraiyah Porter, Breyanna Collier, Kenny Henry, Mya Backey, Natalie Moore, Bansi Patel, Cooper Genovar, Alyssa McClanahan, Ava Prouse, Anastasia Davis, Alex Hatcher, Ashariah Keaton, and Eli Logue. The Thespian Troupe 4897 will have officer inductions later this month.