Dig With Mr. Brandon Smith

One of Agriculture’s Finest Teachers

Jimmy Williams, Senior Reporter

Mr. Brandon Smith, who was born in Albany, GA, is his parent’s oldest child and the older sibling to his younger sister. He attended Lee County High School for his high school education. He then transferred to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College to pursue a degree in agriculture education, with plans to pursue a master’s degree in the coming years. Mr. Smith states about his career as a agriculture teacher “I decided to become an ag teacher because agriculture was my passion and I always wanted to work with youth. I wanted to be a positive role model as the teachers that taught me were.”


Hands-on education is one of his teaching strengths. He thrives on structure and repetition in his classroom. He  also provides students with hands-on activities. Dealing with lazy students is one of his teaching pet peeves. “I see myself teaching agriculture and having my specialist by this time,” he says of the next five years.


As a side note, he believes that all of his agricultural teachers contributed to him reaching this point. He also appreciates the opportunity to work alongside one of them right now (Ms. Hill/ Mrs. Harrell).