Fired up at BHS


Golden Graffiti

Students sit around the bonfire while the cheerleaders cheer.

Isabelle Campbell, Senior Reporter

The Bainbridge High School Homecoming Bonfire took place on October 4, at 6:30 at BHS. The fire was lit in the field near the bus entrance. Many students, as well as their parents attended. The BHS band, colorguard, danceline, and cheerleaders all came to hype up the crowd and begin the Homecoming Week on a high note. Kona Ice also was present to sell snow cones to the students. The bonfire’s goal was to bring together students at BHS and provide a social event that was in a different setting than the classrooms. 


Brennyn Timmons, the president of Cats Council, introduced all of the band, colorguard, danceline, cheerleaders, and football players. She announced the seniors in each of the groups and then passed the mic to Coach Littleton, who hyped up the crowd. The football players and cheerleaders joined together and performed a cheer to continue the hype. When asked if she enjoyed the bonfire, Senior Madelyn Lowe stated, “I enjoyed seeing everyone in the community rally together at our school.” The students interviewed agreed that the bonfire should take place again next year.