Bearcats vs. Trojans


Bearcats communicating with the referee.(photo submitted by Golden Graffiti)

Skylar Jones, Senior Reporter

The Bearcats’ football team traveled to Brooks County on Friday, September 16, to take on the Trojans. This was their first game at a greater distance. The first touchdown was scored by the Bearcats in the opening quarter. Brooks also scored a touchdown, bringing the score to 7-7 at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter Brooks County scored two more touchdowns making the score 19-7 before halftime. Neither the Trojans nor the Bearcats scored in the third quarter. After suffering an arm injury that lasted two weeks, the starting quarterback, Bo Smith, was reinstated by the Bearcats in the fourth quarter. The Trojans scored 7 points early in the fourth quarter, and the Bearcats scored 11 points.  Although the Bearcats finished strong, the game did not go their way. The final score was Trojans 26, Bearcats 18. Next Friday’s competition will be between the Bainbridge Bearcats and the Ware County Gators.  Hope to see you there.