Floral Fun



Ansley Cook at the Floral Design Clinic.

Isabelle Campbell, Senior Reporter

On August 27, 2022, Junior Ansley Cook attended the State Floral Design Clinic in Fort Valley, Georgia. At the clinic, Cook and other FFA students attending were instructed on creating floral arrangements in preparation for competition. When she attends the competition, Cook will be required to create a floral arrangement based on a scenario given. Cook will also be required to identify plant materials, as well as the tools commonly used in floral arrangement. There will also be a written test portion that she will have to pass. When asked why she is interested in floriculture and floral arrangement, Cook explained that she “would love to pursue a career in it,” and that she is “glad they offer these clinics for the experience.”

Cook is an active member in FFA, which is the organization that is hosting the floral design clinics and competitions. She frequently attends competitions where she shows her cows through FFA, which she will continue to do into her senior year.