Pep Rally

Brianna Henry, Senior Reporter

On Friday, September 9, the school hosted its first pep rally since 2019. The pupils were pumped up by the band and cheerleaders. Cats Council planned some enjoyable activities for the students, including a balloon grab and a bone pie scavenger hunt. The band then played a song from this year’s half-time show, “Invisible Touch” by the group Genesis. The football team pumped up the crowd for the spirit stick competition to see which class had the most school spirit. The seniors came out on top.


The Pie the Principal competition sponsored by Anchor Club was the last event. During the week prior to the pep rally, students purchased tickets to “pie” Mr. Merritt, Mrs. Thomas, Mr. Mackey, Mr. Bryant, or Mr. Kirkland. The winning students put a pie plate filled with whipped cream in each principal’s face. It was a wonderful first year-opening pep rally.